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Do You Struggle With Your Eating, Your Thoughts or Both?

  • Do you feel bad too often?
  • Are you struggling to control what you eat?
  • Just can't shake that habit?
  • Did your last health effort fail?
  • Is it time to get your zest back?
  • You want help but it's just so overwhelming?

Our Story

Cherry and Alec have a long and successful marriage and both had previous careers before circumstances lead Cherry into Nutritional Therapy and Alec into Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Operating seperate practices for some time they joined forces to form Life Zest Health. We believe you, our clients, benefit from the greater range of services we provide as a team. We continue to develop our services and believe our prices continue to reflect incredible value for you. 

Life Zest Health Pty Ltd is also the home of Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand, where Cherry is the CEO, Head Practitioner and Global Chief Coaching Officer. You can find out about this program here, or if you are looking for more general information about the program then you can investigate on the program's own website here.

Metabolic Balance

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What Makes Life Zest Health So Different?

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  • Personalized Transformation: At Life Zest Health, you're the hero of your journey. Join thousands who have found happiness and fulfillment through our tailored approaches.
  • Control and Empowerment: Whether it's achieving your ideal figure or mastering your thoughts, imagine the exciting possibilities once you take control of your life. Our experts have empowered thousands, just like you, to manage their nutrition and habits, restoring zest and opening up a future full of potential.
  • Science-Driven and Professional: We base every strategy on modern, validated science. Our team is not only highly educated but also continuously engaged in personal and professional development. This commitment ensures we offer the most effective and trustworthy support possible.
  • Open and Human: Transparency and trust are at our core. If you have questions, just ask! A real person will answer and help guide you.

What's My Investment?

  • How much is that extra weight costing you?
  • How many years are you losing from your life?
  • How much time will you suffer from chronic conditions?
  • How many relationships with family and friends will suffer?
  • Can you afford to ignore your health?
  • Now compare that massive value to the prices posted.

Cherry has an abundance of knowledge about nutrition and its foundation for excellent health. Her diagnostic and health recommendations have helped me immensely. I highly recommend Cherry for your nutritional advice for better health.

Robyn Pearson

Dave gets the peace he has been after.

Alec helped me deal with an almost life long behavioural issue. I am now experiencing a peace of mind like never before. Quick and comfortable process leading to an amazing outcome. My life just keeps on getting better. Thank you, Alec, from the bottom of my heart.

Dave Douglas

I began my journey with Cherry in August 2016 and Metabolic Balance in September 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that by January 2017 a new (or renewed) woman had emerged.
I had initially consulted Cherry with concerns regarding my liver function, weight gain and feelings of 'slugging and trudging' through life. Prior to working with Cherry, much of this had been attributed to menopause, which sounded feasible. However, Cherry's knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its impact on the body are so profound that 'a better life' beckoned.
Within weeks of initiating MB, an incredible rejuvenation, vitality and zest for life was triggered; incredibly empowering. Cherry has the statistics regarding weight loss, blood readings, etc- they are incredibly motivating. Food is so much more than a fuel; the consequences of the choices I now make are informed by Cherry's exceptional ability to communicate with reasoning. I have a new and lifelong relationship with myself, which allows me to embrace life in all its facets.
This has been very much a shared journey, Cherry walked with me every step of the way! I will continue to 'check in' with Cherry on a regular basis - it's great to know that I'm doing the very best I can do for my total wellbeing.

Jacquie Boumford