The team that unlocks your zesty, healthy life.

Founded by Cherry Wills and Alec Wills, Life Zest Health is all about you as an individual. Having worked in the nutrition industry for a while it became apparent that too many of the services out there were based on "everybody needs to do this" mentality which is easy for the service provider to deliver, but clients rarely got good results. Believing we are all unique both in the functioning of our mind and body, Cherry, decided to build a service around Metabolic Balance®, a nutrition program that delivers great results because it treats people as individuals. Alec, who is practitioner of multiple modern psychology practices (and also Cherry's husband), agreed that respecting individuals as unique was key to helping with the mind, and so Life Zest Health was created. Now as a growing team of practitioners, Life Zest Health helps you with get your zest for life back, whether with Metabolic Balance®, nutritional therapy or mind coaching.  

Cherry and Alec
Cherry Wills

Cherry Wills

Senior Nutritional Therapist

I love seeing and hearing about my clients after I've helped them, so full of life and health, it makes me smile a lot. It often happens quickly and dramatically, people just love getting their zest back. As the Head Practitioner and Trainer for the whole of Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand, I am a very experienced practitioner with Metabolic Balance. I love how well it works by being unique to each client. See a full profile here.

Alec Wills

Alec Wills

Mind Coach

Like Cherry, I love seeing and hearing about my clients after I've helped them, so full of life and health, it also makes me smile a lot. Often this happens in 2-3 sessions and can be in as little as an hour! With training and qualifications in a broad range of modern psychology practices I also get to work with the uniqueness of the individual, matching them with a selection of tools from my toolset. While anxiety, stress or overwhelm is my main area of work I cover most areas related to the mind or mindset. See a full profile here.

Caroline Nyqvist

Caroline Nyqvist

Office Assistant

Having joined the team as an assistant to Cherry to help out with office tasks like filing I now assistant the entire team and provide reception to the clinic. I also assist Cherry, in her role as CEO and Head Trainer for Metabolic Balance ANZ, with supporting MB Practitioners and their training. I love nutrition and am currently studying to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist.

Finding Us

We are located on the first floor of the building on the above map. However, you access the building from the other end. We are within Bayside Business Park, which is on the left as you come down Weippin St and pass the hospital on your right. When you turn into Bayside Business Park, you can see us on the right above the Gavan & Tracey Café, but you should not park in front of the cafe, rather continue a little further up the road and park as if going to Snap Fitness gym. You'll find a walkway that goes around the right-hand side of Snap Fitness. Simply follow this short, wheelchair accessible walkway to its end and our front door. This link and the map below shows you a good place to park.

Located on 1st Floor, Building 1
(access via walkway next to Snap Fitness)
Bayside Business Park
Unit 4 16-24 Weippin St
Cleveland, QLD 4163

+61 (0) 7 3184 8183