Changing How you Think and Behave is Easier Than You Think With a Little Help

Hi, I'm Alec Wills and I am a full time Mind Coach and entrepreneur. You may know me from my old business name Mind Patching. Cherry and I decided we could serve you better if we joined forces and so Life Zest Health was born. We remain in the same location. 

I assume you are reading this because you want to know a little more about me. I'm actually an introvert so I don't enjoy talking about myself so hopefully this short bio will do.

Despite my youthful good looks I'm actually married with teenage children. I really enjoy kite surfing from the sense of complete freedom it gives with little more than a kite and some wind. 

Like many of you I've worked in several careers and would often get very stressed and anxious with my work. This did not have a positive effect on other areas in my life. Having sought help for myself and then retrained I now help others suffering from anxiety and other unwanted feelings and behaviours. I just love seeing clients recover their zest for life in a such a small amount of time. 

While I can't guarantee you life zest, I have treated a lot of people and I know my success rates are very high. There are also only positive side effects. 

Treating people is serious work and I pride myself in acting professionally. However, I do like a laugh and find it very useful, as will you! 


I love learning, I've done quite a lot including a PhD in Colour Chemistry and numerous IT and management certifications, but they're probably not so relevant to this page. Here are some that are and you can be confident I know what I doing. 

  • Diploma of Modern Psychology*
  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Life and Success Coach
  • Personal Development Performance Coaching
  • Bluecard for working with children
  • First Aid and CPR

* Modern Psychology is NOT clinical psychology and in no way represents its self as such. The Diploma Of Modern Psychology is on the nationally registered qualification register but we in no way represent or wish ourselves to be represented as clinical psychology as what we do is quite different. We believe that there are many approaches to psychological and mental wellbeing and ours is a path that works for many just as clinical psychology may work for some.


 I am a member of IICT. I follow their codes of practice for both your and my peace of mind.  

Sean now enjoys performing

Alec treated me for an anxiety toward performance in front of a group of people. I dreaded the build-up to performance, was inhibited and didn’t fully enjoy the actual performance. Alec talked through my anxiety, spoke to me under hypnosis and gave me tools to use when tending towards anxiety. I recently enjoyed the lead-up and performance in front of 200-300 people. Alec is a professional in all aspects of treatment. He has an ease in his manner and communication that allows the sessions to flow smoothly.

Sean Ogilvie Senior Programmer

Michaela has her life in control.

Alec has given me simple, instantly effective and manageable tools to tackle my anxiety. For the first time in my life I feel I have a way out of the debilitating effects of anxiety. I can not believe the positive effect this has on my outlook to life. Thank you

Michaela Healy Nurse

Pam can.

I’m doing well. This week has had a good start, taking up a lead role and using my initiative. Thanks for your support and guidance and I’ll be sure to get back to you if things change.

Pam Corcoran Social Worker - Clinician

Helen eats well and is happy about it

Had a great week since I saw you and haven't really thought about food at all, was out of routine a couple of days as I was away but it was just what it was, no drama no anxiety no overeating!

Helen McVicar

Dave gets the peace he has been after.

Alec helped me deal with an almost life long behavioural issue. I am now experiencing a peace of mind like never before. Quick and comfortable process leading to an amazing outcome. My life just keeps on getting better. Thank you, Alec, from the bottom of my heart.

Dave Douglas Consultant

No struggle at all

Just thought I’d touch base and let you know have been doing really well and very happily smoke free without any struggle at all 🙂

TA Administration