Changing how you eat and ultimately your health is so much easier than you think with a little help

Cherry Wills

My name is Cherry Wills and I am a full time Nutritional Therapist and entrepreneur. You may know me from Cherry Wills Nutrition, my Nutritional Therapy practice which I founded when I first arrived in Australia. In 2018, Alec and I decided we could serve our clients better by joining forces and so Life Zest Health was born. We are still located in the same offices in Cleveland. 

... has become ...

I came into the world of nutritional therapy in 2005 where I stumbled upon a book about health and nutrition in the library and realised I’d found the recognition (and solution) of what I think I'd known for years. There really was something wrong and there really was something that I could actually do about it! So many symptoms had been dismissed by my doctors all my life. I'd almost become reconciled to the fact that I'd just have to live with the constant tiredness that at times had made me want to just sleep all day. 

My teenage years and throughout my twenties had been spent saying no to opportunities and looking on enviously at the energy others seemed to effortlessly possess. The terrible dry itchy skin, irritable bowel, chronic stomach aches and bloating, endless headaches and colds and unexplained pain that I had at various times had almost become my expected companions every day. 

But then my constant reading and finally my own visit to a nutritional therapist had shown me where the imbalances were but most importantly had given me a real solution and path to get me on to my road to wellness. Quite simply from this point on, my health and ultimately whole life took this amazing turn for the better. And so after five years at University and passionate study I was able to fulfil my dream of helping others overcome their life draining symptoms. Shortly after this I trained as a Metabolic Balance practitioner and have subsequently become the CEO and Head Practitioner for Metabolic Balance Australia & New Zealand.

Metabolic Balance

It is a simple, undeniable fact that food and health are intimately entwined and so there are very few symptoms that can't be improved by looking for the imbalances in the body and seeking to naturally address and restore balance through diet and lifestyle. The human body is an amazing machine that wants to be well and it has the most amazing ability to be healed. Too often I hear of people being told that they just need to live with their ill health; "learn to accept it"; "it's how your body works"; "sorry there's nothing that can be done"; "everything’s normal, you're just imagining it as there's nothing wrong"; "take this pill/use that cream for the rest of your life and you'll be fine".

Symptoms are signs of imbalance. Simply suppressing them with medication or ignoring them in the hope they'll go away ultimately achieves very little. For example, I think I can definitively say that there is not one single person who has a deficiency of paracetamol in their body and yet millions of people pop those little pills daily as if they did. The question should be why is that headache or pain happening in the first place? What is lacking in the body that is leading it to result in that symptom? And how can we restore balance so that it naturally goes away?

This is my passion. By using nutritional therapy the body can be guided to renewed health and ultimately my clients are able to follow their own passions in life, whether that is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or looking after their kids without feeling exhausted. We all have an idea of the type of person and life we'd like to have and if it is your own mind and body that is preventing you from doing that then I'd love to help you.

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i'm passionate about learning and extending my knowledge in all areas of health and nutrition. My love of research started from my first BSc(Hons) degree and PhD and has continued ever since. Much of my time is spent looking at the latest research or attending conferences and seminars.

  • BSc Nutritional Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Nutritional Therapy
  • Metabolic Balance Practitioner
  • Certified GAPS practitioner
  • Bluecard for working with children
  • First Aid and CPR
  • PhD Colour Physics
  • BSc Hons Colour Chemistry


I am a member of British and Australian associations. I follow their codes of practice for our peace of mind. Please note I am getting the business name updated on these profiles but if you still see Cherry Wills Nutrition then it is me. 

Cherry is professional and very supportive of her clients. She wants her clients to achieve their goals. Cherry has broad knowledge and is an expert in her field. An elite nutritionist. If your serious about change this is your practitioner.

Georgia Phillips

I began my journey with Cherry in August 2016 and Metabolic Balance in September 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that by January 2017 a new (or renewed) woman had emerged.
I had initially consulted Cherry with concerns regarding my liver function, weight gain and feelings of 'slugging and trudging' through life. Prior to working with Cherry, much of this had been attributed to menopause, which sounded feasible. However, Cherry's knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its impact on the body are so profound that 'a better life' beckoned.
Within weeks of initiating MB, an incredible rejuvenation, vitality and zest for life was triggered; incredibly empowering. Cherry has the statistics regarding weight loss, blood readings, etc- they are incredibly motivating. Food is so much more than a fuel; the consequences of the choices I now make are informed by Cherry's exceptional ability to communicate with reasoning. I have a new and lifelong relationship with myself, which allows me to embrace life in all its facets.
This has been very much a shared journey, Cherry walked with me every step of the way! I will continue to 'check in' with Cherry on a regular basis - it's great to know that I'm doing the very best I can do for my total wellbeing.

Jacquie Boumford

Cherry has an abundance of knowledge about nutrition and its foundation for excellent health. Her diagnostic and health recommendations have helped me immensely. I highly recommend Cherry for your nutritional advice for better health.

Robyn Pearson

Thanks Cherry for helping my become a healthier me. I started my journey with Cherry 11 weeks ago and have seen a massive change not only to my weight but outlook on my life, I could not have reached my goal without your support and advice. If you are serious about changing your life for the better then Cherry is the lady to see.

Cathy Jane Cox

As a nutritional scientist in training I have also had to reach out for some help regarding my own hormonal balance. I have engaged with several practitioners and NT's and I cans say that Cherry is extremely knowledgeable and has a really genuine love for what she does and also cares for her clients. Honestly, I feel like I am in such good hands and will continue to work with Cherry and enrol on the MB program as well. As I mentioned to her I wish I had gone to her first!! Very happy to have met Cherry x Fantastic human being

Mikaela Nell