Are you also over "eat less exercise more"?

Laura Winton

My name is Laura Winton and I am a Nutritional Therapist.  

My journey with dysfunctional eating started as a teenager and throughout my adult life, my mindset was "eat less exercise more". Sound familiar? I knew there had to be a better way, one that had real food, not restrictive, yo-yo dieting or focused on calorie counting. 

I studied and become a nutritionist but still was hungry to find how to help myself. But that is where I needed to stop and breathe. To help myself I needed someone else to support me, this is where I chose to put myself first.

As a lifelong dieter with little success in losing weight healthily and maintaining it, my metabolism became dysfunctional. A little while back, tuned out to be a massive year, turning 40 and finalising my degree, anxiety, stress, brain fog, acne breakouts, dry skin and fatigue were cascading from an overfilled cup. It was time to invest in my own asset, my health.

I knew of a program, Metabolic Balance, that had been developed in Europe and was scientifically and evidence-based. It offered a sustainable and natural approach based on whole food nutrition. This, for me, was vital and aligned with my professional philosophy of “food as medicine”. Creating long-lasting healthy habits with a solid foundation based on key strategic nutritional concepts and whole foods to reset and rebalance your biochemistry.  

So, I embarked on my journey with Cherry as my practitioner, yes there was an adjustment period, it’s amazing to see the foods which worked for me and which didn’t. The shift I experienced was transformative not just physically but mentally and emotionally. What a game-changer! My experience with Metabolic Balance was about investing in myself and my health but what I received was much more. Something I couldn’t put a price on…. I found my zest for life!

I am so pleased to be able to offer Metabolic Balance as a practitioner myself with Life Zest Health. To be able to support people looking for a personalised nutritional program that is unique just like they are to improve their health outcomes.


i'm passionate about learning and extending my knowledge in all areas of health and nutrition. 

  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
  • Metabolic Balance Practitioner
  • First Aid and CPR


I am a member of the Complementary Medicine Association. I follow their codes of practice for our peace of mind. 

Cherry has an abundance of knowledge about nutrition and its foundation for excellent health. Her diagnostic and health recommendations have helped me immensely. I highly recommend Cherry for your nutritional advice for better health.

Robyn Pearson

Thanks Cherry for helping my become a healthier me. I started my journey with Cherry 11 weeks ago and have seen a massive change not only to my weight but outlook on my life, I could not have reached my goal without your support and advice. If you are serious about changing your life for the better then Cherry is the lady to see.

Cathy Jane Cox

Cherry is professional and very supportive of her clients. She wants her clients to achieve their goals. Cherry has broad knowledge and is an expert in her field. An elite nutritionist. If your serious about change this is your practitioner.

Georgia Phillips

I began my journey with Cherry in August 2016 and Metabolic Balance in September 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that by January 2017 a new (or renewed) woman had emerged.
I had initially consulted Cherry with concerns regarding my liver function, weight gain and feelings of 'slugging and trudging' through life. Prior to working with Cherry, much of this had been attributed to menopause, which sounded feasible. However, Cherry's knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its impact on the body are so profound that 'a better life' beckoned.
Within weeks of initiating MB, an incredible rejuvenation, vitality and zest for life was triggered; incredibly empowering. Cherry has the statistics regarding weight loss, blood readings, etc- they are incredibly motivating. Food is so much more than a fuel; the consequences of the choices I now make are informed by Cherry's exceptional ability to communicate with reasoning. I have a new and lifelong relationship with myself, which allows me to embrace life in all its facets.
This has been very much a shared journey, Cherry walked with me every step of the way! I will continue to 'check in' with Cherry on a regular basis - it's great to know that I'm doing the very best I can do for my total wellbeing.

Jacquie Boumford

As a nutritional scientist in training I have also had to reach out for some help regarding my own hormonal balance. I have engaged with several practitioners and NT's and I cans say that Cherry is extremely knowledgeable and has a really genuine love for what she does and also cares for her clients. Honestly, I feel like I am in such good hands and will continue to work with Cherry and enrol on the MB program as well. As I mentioned to her I wish I had gone to her first!! Very happy to have met Cherry x Fantastic human being

Mikaela Nell