How to survive Christmas


So Christmas is nearly here – are you super excited, organised and ready to throw open your doors to welcome all the relatives or are you slightly dreading the holidays and how you’re going to survive the never ending rich food and drink deluge.

To help you navigate your way, I’ve put together a pretty succinct list of my top tips to keep you on track.

Christmas top tip #1

Eat with awareness. There lots of delicious food around at Christmas time and usually plenty of it. Hence it’s one of the most common times when we can eat too much.

So …. eat slowly and consciously enjoy your food. It’s important to eat at your own pace. Research has shown that in social eating settings people tend to eat more due to subconscious competitive eating – this is particularly the case for men apparently!!

Savour every mouthful mindfully and slowly and stop regularly during a meal to check in with yourself whether you really need that next mouthful or if you’re done.

Christmas top tip #2

Drink with awareness. Just like there is usually plenty of food, the alcohol often flows abundantly too.

The first rule is don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eat something with good fats and protein before and with your drinks. Natural unroasted nuts are often a good choice for this.

Research has shown that food helps regulate the rise in blood alcohol so can keep everything more steady for longer.

Also drink at your own pace. Don’t get pushed into drinking more or quicker than you want. Many people finds it helps to buddy up with someone to support each other in making the right alcohol choices throughout an evening.

Finally taking a vitamin C and magnesium supplement may help support the liver and brain recover quicker.

Christmas top tip #3

Repeat this mantra to yourself 10 times at least three times a day… “My body is not a dustbin”.

Many of us have been taught to always finish everything on our plates and not waste food, but this is often a recipe for overeating, feeling guilty, uncomfortable and being unhealthy.

So if you’re full, put it in the bin not your body. Even if it is delicious!

Respect yourself, your body and your health. Don’t force feed yourself or let others pressure you into it. You’re allowed to make your own decisions about your body.

Consciously choose what you’re eating with every mouthful and enjoy it.

Christmas top tip #4

Don’t eat when you’re stressed!!!

I know Christmas is a stressful time with busy schedules and a houseful of relatives but…. stress stops you digesting your food properly so if you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious take five minutes out to breathe deeply and centre yourself before putting that first forkful of food in your mouth.

Consider taking a digestive enzyme supplement or tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before your meal to help prepare your stomach to digest that delicious meal.

Christmas top tip #5

Do something active everyday. Your body needs to move regularly so don’t just sit around, eating and drinking, get moving!

This can be something as simple as a 15 minute walk, a calming visit to your yoga mat, a more vigorous gym session or dancing round the Christmas tree!

But whatever your decide to do move your body daily. It’ll reduce stress, burn calories, release feel good endorphins and put a smile on your face.

Christmas top tip #6

Remember to breath!

Don’t let the stress of Christmas overwhelm you. Spending time with relatives is not always the most relaxing time so take time out regularly to focus on calming your thoughts and relaxing your body.

Actively roll your shoulders down and focus on your breathing.

Practical tips to keep yourself balanced and calm include eating regularly to balance blood sugar levels and avoid eating too much sugar in one go. Sugary drinks and caffeine spike blood sugar rapidly and mean you’re more likely to feel irritable and anxious when those levels dip rapidly.

Take a good magnesium and B vitamin complex supplement to help you feel calm and more in control.

Christmas top tip #7

Have an amazing Christmas and visualise getting yourself healthy in the new year. Make next year, your year.

Put a note in your phone/diary to get in touch to make your appointment to see me so we can get your health sorted for an amazing new year!

Isn’t it time that you finally did this?


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