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The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Ann Wigmore

Anxiety and depression, low energy and mood, pain and discomfort, digestion issues, allergies, obesity and weight problems are all common symptoms of nutritional imbalance which nutritional therapy is able to address.* 

As a nutritional therapist, I work with you to restore your body to it's natural balance. Take the first step to whole body health, contact me today.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is a complementary medicine that takes a holistic approach to help the body heal naturally through diet and lifestyle changes. In essence, it is the application of nutritional science to promote your optimum health and vitality.* 

Metabolic Balance is a highly personalised program involving a blood test to determine thirty-five blood parameters including liver, immune and thyroid health. From these results, a whole food eating plan is devised tailored to you and only you. There's no dodgy shakes or meal replacements packets. It's simply good, fresh food. And by using only food it reinvigorates the appetite for real food, re-educates you to proper portion sizes and invites you to recognise what's going on in your own body and how your food and lifestyle choices are really affecting your body.

Weight Management

The effects of obesity in the body are so far reaching and include cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, autoimmune conditions and so on. Consequently being able to help someone safely and effectively lose weight is incredibly valuable.

Functional Medical Testing

The term functional testing refers to the wide range of testing available to fully understand the underlying causes of the many symptoms in the body. By using the cutting edge science available in labs in both Australia and America, we can identify and understand what is leading you to feel the way you are feeling. A few examples include methylation profiles, complete thyroid function analysis, adrenal stress testing, digestion markers including parasitology screening, hormonal imbalance and food intolerances. I use the best testing options available to give you the answers you need to what is causing your symptoms
Functional testing allows a clear focus to heal and be well.*

MetaScan Quadscan

MetaScan uses scientifically validated bio-impedance testing to assess and monitor health. The Quadscan is a registered medical device in Australia. Four low voltage electrical pulses are passed through the body via electrodes attached to hands and feet to accurately measure body composition. Health markers provide valuable insight to understand current health and wellbeing.

The Quadscan is an invaluable tool to monitor body and health changes before, during and after diet and/or exercise focused health improvement programs. It provides excellent monitoring of weight management; muscle tone and fitness; healthy metabolism; healthy ageing; hydration and fluid distribution.

Cherry is professional and very supportive of her clients. She wants her clients to achieve their goals. Cherry has broad knowledge and is an expert in her field. An elite nutritionist. If your serious about change this is your practitioner.

Georgia Phillips

Thanks Cherry for helping my become a healthier me. I started my journey with Cherry 11 weeks ago and have seen a massive change not only to my weight but outlook on my life, I could not have reached my goal without your support and advice. If you are serious about changing your life for the better then Cherry is the lady to see.

Cathy Jane Cox

Cherry has an abundance of knowledge about nutrition and its foundation for excellent health. Her diagnostic and health recommendations have helped me immensely. I highly recommend Cherry for your nutritional advice for better health.

Robyn Pearson

As a nutritional scientist in training I have also had to reach out for some help regarding my own hormonal balance. I have engaged with several practitioners and NT's and I cans say that Cherry is extremely knowledgeable and has a really genuine love for what she does and also cares for her clients. Honestly, I feel like I am in such good hands and will continue to work with Cherry and enrol on the MB program as well. As I mentioned to her I wish I had gone to her first!! Very happy to have met Cherry x Fantastic human being

Mikaela Nell

I began my journey with Cherry in August 2016 and Metabolic Balance in September 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that by January 2017 a new (or renewed) woman had emerged.
I had initially consulted Cherry with concerns regarding my liver function, weight gain and feelings of 'slugging and trudging' through life. Prior to working with Cherry, much of this had been attributed to menopause, which sounded feasible. However, Cherry's knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its impact on the body are so profound that 'a better life' beckoned.
Within weeks of initiating MB, an incredible rejuvenation, vitality and zest for life was triggered; incredibly empowering. Cherry has the statistics regarding weight loss, blood readings, etc- they are incredibly motivating. Food is so much more than a fuel; the consequences of the choices I now make are informed by Cherry's exceptional ability to communicate with reasoning. I have a new and lifelong relationship with myself, which allows me to embrace life in all its facets.
This has been very much a shared journey, Cherry walked with me every step of the way! I will continue to 'check in' with Cherry on a regular basis - it's great to know that I'm doing the very best I can do for my total wellbeing.

Jacquie Boumford


Please check the prices page for a full list of current prices. Our nutrition consults are delivered by Cherry. Please check the Metabolic Balance page for information on our nutrition packages. 

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We also offer corporate packages and talks on optimum nutrition with a special focus on supporting mental health through nutrition. If this is of interest please get in touch.