Freedom Package 

Get a positive outlook on life, with freedom hypnotherapy. Sleep deeply when you need, handle the little stuff easily. Use your energy to have fun. Imagine a healthier you with great relationships and a wonderful future.  Everything you need is in the package, all you need to do is turn up.

  • 3x one to one and a half hour sessions with Alec
  • how you do anxiety/depression/addiction is identified
  • tailored change work addresses the root cause
  • you learn easy techniques to control your response
  • all three steps to end the issue are covered (see below)
  • support and tweaks included
  • you get to live your life normally (calm, relaxed, sleeping, etc)
  • $495 for the complete package, a saving of $195

Just three sessions, each about an hour, a week apart and your mindset issue will be over. The reduction in the level is often so marked that it is easily manageable and effectively ended.*

The Freedom Package is fitted to you and your way of doing anxiety/depression/addicition whether that’s Generalised Anxiety Disorder, panicking, PTSD, social anxiety, stage fright or fear of public speaking or flying, low mood, drinking, etc. You get solutions that work swiftly and work well.*

You will learn proven methods, techniques and tips that work to overcome anxiety/depression/addicition. They're easy to learn and simply require a willingness to have a go. If that sounds like you then contact me or book now.

Anxiety, depression and addicition are normal behaviours, that you have learned to do in response to stress, trauma, overwhelm, etc. Which is great news because it means you can unlearn. It does not matter how long you have had it or whether it is mild or severe, this package can help you get control of it and get your life back to normal.*

Three Steps to End Unwanted Mindest, e.g. Anxiety

3 Steps to End Anxiety

In the package all three steps are covered;

  1. We identify how you do your unwanted behaviour in the first session. You get awareness of what it really is and learn techniques to help you acknowledge the sensations associated.
  2. We use various hypnotic techniques tailored to you to change your behaviour into doing calm or doing happy or the behaviour you want. This is backed up with exercises for you to practice away from the sessions.
  3. You get genuine clarity on what needs your attention and what just needs to be acknowledged and then dealt with or ignored. The new, relaxed, calm you makes decisions easily and takes action.

I had a specific client come to me with performance anxiety, around meetings at work and performing music in front of a crowd. She had tried seeing a psychologist but after many months of talking, she had made very little progress beyond racking up a big bill. This client was so excited in session three because she had just presented a meeting at work, enjoyed it thoroughly and had received unexpected praise from colleagues. She later informed me that she was regularly enjoying performing her music including the lead up to each performance.

I have similar stories from other clients that had previously tried and failed with positive thinking, counsellors, medication, etc. Other methods take a great deal of time and money to be effective, if ever.

I’m doing well. This week has had a good start, taking up a lead role and using my initiative. Thanks for your support and guidance and I’ll be sure to get back to you if things change.

Pam Corcoran

Alec treated me for an anxiety toward performance in front of a group of people. I dreaded the build-up to performance, was inhibited and didn’t fully enjoy the actual performance. Alec talked through my anxiety, spoke to me under hypnosis and gave me tools to use when tending towards anxiety. I recently enjoyed the lead-up and performance in front of 200-300 people. Alec is a professional in all aspects of treatment. He has an ease in his manner and communication that allows the sessions to flow smoothly.

Sean Ogilvie

Alec has given me simple, instantly effective and manageable tools to tackle my anxiety. For the first time in my life I feel I have a way out of the debilitating effects of anxiety. I can not believe the positive effect this has on my outlook to life. Thank you

Michaela Healy

Had a great week since I saw you and haven't really thought about food at all, was out of routine a couple of days as I was away but it was just what it was, no drama no anxiety no overeating!

Helen McVicar

How much is my issue costing me?

I recently had a young client with social anxiety and he couldn’t go out and enjoy parties or clubs or any social situation. He now has a wonderful time and really enjoying life, meeting lots of people and just having fun. What’s it costing you!

My clients are always telling me about the massive impact it had on relationships, like watching their kids grow up and copy the unwanted behaviour from them, or failed relationships with close family or partners. The actual feelings asscoaited can be so draining and often leads to poor sleep or other unwanted behaviours. Just imagine how much more you could get done if you could just get a decent nights sleep.

After completing the package those same clients all report immensely more satisfying lives, with so much more energy and zest that others notice.

Research has shown that you make very bad decisions when you are anxious, depressed or under the influence. We all know the massive cost of bad decisions!

So what are you missing out on! $495 is an absolute bargain compared to that. There are no extra or hidden costs, that’s it.

What else should I consider?

Some common questions or concerns;

Do I need to believe in hypnosis/hypnotherapy?

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Is it safe?

Can hypnosis control me or brainwash me?

Can I claim on Medicare or health funds?

The package is effective for all ages, all religions, all backgrounds. You need only have a good grasp of English as unfortunately, that’s the only language I speak.

Note: I am legally prevented from treating anyone who is currently prescribed anti-psychotic medication or who is currently suicidal.

Other concerns or questions you may have that could be preventing you from calling include;

I don’t know who you are!

There is no guarantee!

Three hourly sessions is too short!

Hypnotherapy is a load of rubbish!

If you’d like to have a quick chat for 10 minutes then click the Contact Now button. Fill in your details and I will contact you.