STOP Smoking Package

So you want to stop smoking? Do these statements seem familiar?

I hate the smell in my clothes or hair or furniture!

I want more money for me time or holidays or entertainment!

I’ve tried everything from cold turkey to acupuncture to patches and gum and nothing works!

I know I’m likely to die young or live with a chronic disease and I want to live a lot longer and be healthy!

  • 2 or 3 one hour sessions with Alec
  • how you do smoking is identified
  • tailored change work addresses the root cause
  • you learn easy techniques to control your response
  • free audio support recording
  • support and tweaks included
  • you get to live your life normally
  • $390 for the complete package

Just two sessions, each an hour, a few days apart and you will be normal, i.e. no longer someone that poisons yourself.*

The STOP Smoking Package is fitted to you and your way of smoking, e.g. a habit, a de-stressor, a signal to do something, etc. You get a solution that work swiftly and works well.*

You will learn proven methods, techniques and tips that work to overcome smoking. They are easy to learn and simply require a willingness to have a go. If that sounds like you then contact me.

Cigarette Prison

If you are a smoker who really wants to stop then hypnosis is for you. Contact me NOW for a free evaluation of where you’re really at and the chances of success. If smoking feels like a prison sentence or a trap you can’t get out of then this treatment is for you.

Just thought I’d touch base and let you know have been doing really well and very happily smoke free without any struggle at all 🙂


How much is smoking costing me?

If you need convincing on the cost try this little calculator, just edit the numbers and the costs are recalculated, the potential savings are incredible when you stop smoking.

Quit Smoking And Save Calculator
Smoking Recovery Calculator

Detailed Information on What to Expect

Most light smokers or those who are already cutting down should expect two sessions. A one hour initial session where your specific circumstances are investigated and the rest of the session tailored to meet your requirements. Following that the first set of customised change work is completed. We have another session 2 to 4 days later for an hour where you change into a non-smoker. Package cost is just $390 which is not a lot of cigarettes.

For heavy smokers or those that have not been able to cut down at all, a further session may be needed but is included if required. I am sufficiently confident in my approach that you can continue to come and see me free of charge in the unlikely event that you resume smoking.

Included is an MP3 audio file that includes recorded hypnosis suggestions to support you in your change. This is made available online. You will need to be in a safe relaxed place when you listen, i.e. it is not suitable to listen when driving or operating machinery etc.

If you’d like to have a quick chat for 10 minutes then click the Contact Now button. Fill in your details and I will contact you.