Why trust?


Do you have an unresolved issue that’s been plaguing you for months, years or even decades that you want rid of? My hypnotherapy service has a great track record in helping people like you find your solution. Trust me, pick up the phone and call me to answer any questions and book an appointment.

So that’s my normal approach to calling you to action but a testimonial I received recently made me question what might be missing for many, i.e. why trust me or what I do?

If you’ve ever thought “Why would/should I trust them, particularly with my personal/private issue?”, then read on. If I can address these issues then you’ll have no reason not to trust me enough to pick up the phone. And it applies to any other hypnotherapist or professional you need to trust.

There’s actually quite a lot of concerns being referred to in the review and I’ve picked out a few to elaborate on;

  • Too old to resolve
  • Talking about it
  • Know and trust
  • Fear
  • Expectation
  • Identity – same person
  • Creativity
  • Unpleasant “trance”
  • Comfort
  • Safety

Review in full

Here’s the review in full and below I’ll break down the concerns as I see them;

My life had been plagued for decades by issues that I believed originated when I was very young. It was through a fractured family relationship that I began to understand how these issues were affecting those I loved.

I started going down the psychology / counselling path and found that to be a dead end.

I had met Alec previously where I got to know him and trust him so I had no problem with making a booking. While this trust was strong I did feel some fear because I had never been into a hypnotherapy session and I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I would be the same person as I was before the sessions. There was also a great fear that a creative passion I have indulged since I was a teenager would no longer be part of me.

Having completed the sessions I can say I am the same person just minus the problem behaviours. I am feeling very comfortable and my creative passion is even better than before. The only thing that is really different is that the issues that drove those problem behaviours are no longer strong enough to take over and I am in control.

During the sessions I was fully aware of what Alec was saying, the noises in the environment and the feeling of things around me. I was not in a “trance” and I felt comfortable. At the same time I was able to be at the time when the problem behaviours were first formed. This being in two places was reassuring because I did not get caught up in reliving those uncomfortable times but I was able to see and to feel them in my mind.

I noticed changes to the way I was feeling and in my behaviour from the moment each session finished and have continued since.

I will forever be grateful to Alec for his professional assistance and for helping me to find great peace and comfort within myself.

Dave Douglas

Yeah I know it’s quite long and glowing so well done for getting here, don’t stop now.

Too old

Dave has had these issues for decades but that doesn’t stop change. If you look up Neural Plasticity then you’ll find plenty of scientific material that supports the idea that the brain can change both physically and in operation at any age. This is how any mind training works and is great news because so much of our behaviour is just an operation of the brain, e.g. worry, anger, fear, phobia, addiction, etc.

Talking about it

Most of us have experienced the relief and unburdening that comes from talking about a problem but it rarely gives more than temporary relief for more complex issues. Persisting with a counsellor or psychologist can resolve issues but often this is a slow incremental process. If you need to know why you’re doing a problem behaviour and you can afford to then this is a valid approach.

If you’d rather fix it quickly and move on, then a hypnotic approach is a better bet. You still need to talk about the issue a little but that’s for context, not therapy. Everything is, of course, confidential and you can always pick the phone up now and get a sense of what it’s like.

Know and trust

Dave and I already knew each other which allowed him to trust me even with his concerns. You likely don’t know me, but you can. Google me, check my social media, talk to any mutual contacts or simply pick up the phone now and get to know me. I am a Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association which guarantees I have a professional level of expertise and that I am required to meet their standards which include certification, insurance and professional development and behaviour, you can find my registration here. I know I am a respected, trustworthy person because I get told so by people who know me. It’s easier today than it’s ever been to get to know someone so just do it. Incidentally, I had only met Dave a few times in an unrelated way, yet that was enough for him to state he knew me.

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Fear is a good thing, it keeps you safe. When a tiger jumps out in front of you it’s fear that makes you get out of the way and that’s a good thing. When a fluffy duckling jumps out in front of you and you experience fear then it’s inappropriate. Now I’m not much like a tiger or a duckling and I’m not even jumping out in front of you, but is fear appropriate? If you ask yourself honestly and even with the element of the unknown “do I have anything to lose by picking up the phone and getting a sense of duckling or tiger”? And yes you can change your fear of ducklings or birds or any phobia.


Big subject and very important, but briefly; expectation is simply how you imagine the future will be. If you have lots of relevant or related memories and or knowledge and beliefs then you can sense the future very well, typically by seeing or feeling it. This is how you know what to expect. Without the memories, knowledge or holding an invalid belief, you either don’t know what to expect or you imagine an outcome that is a long way from reality. As a human being, you are constantly imagining the future and forming expectations whether you want to or not and whether you have relevant information or not.

Expectation then is very powerful and often leads to making the wrong decision, does the phrase “that’s not what I expected” sound familiar?

The solution is to build your knowledge and test your beliefs. Do that by picking up the phone and asking me questions, or if you’d prefer read the books, check the scientific papers and speak to others that have relevant memories.

Identity and creativity

Dave was concerned I’d damage or remove a creative part of him or change who he was. You are the sum of all your parts and given the neural plasticity mentioned earlier you can and do change all of the time, however, you are in control of you now and during any form of Mind Coaching, so you control what changes and what stays and ultimately who you are. Unfortunately for hypnotherapists hypnosis has been strongly linked with mind control for a long time since hypnotists first took to the stage well over a hundred years ago and all the way through to modern times in Hollywood films etc, hypnosis has been deliberately shrouded in mystery and linked to all sorts from the occult to espionage. Deliberate because it improves the show.

If there was any truth then hypnotists would be ruling the world and clearly I’m not.

Creativity is in all of us, that’s why we eat different meals each night, wear different clothes, choose holidays, enjoy books and movies, etc. Every time we do something different that creative part of us imagines what each will be like and then we choose. If we weren’t creative we could never choose to do anything differently or even imagine anything, which would make reading novels very dull.

And so it is with all the fundamental parts that make us up.

Unpleasant “trance” and comfort

Yes, hypnotists and hypnotherapists sometimes use the word trance, but so do psychedelics and shamans etc. Probably not the best word to use given this association.

When we use the word trance we are referring to being hypnotised, the comfortable mental state that you are in where your conscious mind is sufficiently distracted that we can work directly with the subconscious, where all the behaviours, problem and preferred, reside. Ever been reading a book and you’re so absorbed that you don’t notice it going dark outside? That is trance or in a hypnotised state.

The points to note are you remain in control, you remain aware and it’s comfortable. In fact, the vast majority of people come out of trance saying they would have liked to stay a little longer it’s that comfortable and relaxed.


It’s a theme in this post but it’s true, you remain in control the entire time, both now reading this and in any Mind Coaching work. This is why it is so safe, as I simply can not make you do or think anything that you are not happy to. If I suggest you rob a bank you will reject the suggestion, unless you are a bank robber but then you would keep the money as you would reject the suggestion to give it to me!

The same applies to any suggestion that contradicts your morals or who you are. I can’t even make you cluck like a chicken unless you’re happy to, so let me know if you are because it is good fun.

My office is a safe environment your information is safe with me, it has to be or it’s too hard to hypnotise you.

Sum Up

The sum up is short and to the point;

  • Get to know me or whoever you need to trust – use the internet, social media, mutual contacts, or direct on the phone or face to face
  • You are in control now and remain so – Mind Coaching or any hypnotic work is not magic or mind control or brain washing so if you don’t like it just stop, there’s no downside.

So now that I’ve convinced you to trust me or at least how to trust me, then believe me when I say it works and if you have a problem behaviour that you want to resolve then all you have to do is pick up the phone get to know me and trust.


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